I am leaving on July 25th for Kerala, India to study Ayurvedic medicine. I have enrolled into a three month diploma program including yoga therapy, psychology, nutrition, herbology, clinicals and panchakarma (various treatments for managing diseases).
My last class and private sessions at Savannah Yoga Barre is Tuesday July 24th. I will miss you, but know I am taking charge of my own health and wellness. This will allow Yoga Me Fit to offer more health services to you in the future. I understand three months may seem like a long time for those of you who train with me on a weekly basis. If you would like me to suggest another trainer and or alternative healthcare treatments for you while I am away I would be happy to.



Check back with me in November when I return from India!

*It takes time to change old habits and patterns into new ones to see the effects of your practice. Lynn recommends a commitment of 10 sessions for new students and a home practice at least 3-4 times per week.


Looking for a healthy fun class to challenge you mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically? Have your senses been tuned up and heightened lately? 

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This class is designed for the Young and Older practitioner who are seeking Growth. Alignment and Movement Education are essential key components delivered through demonstration and instruction. Cultivate Faith in yourself to develop and Illuminate the true Teacher within. This class incorporates and invigorates yoga, weights and cardio for a well-rounded practice of health and wellness.

Whether you are Younger or Older, and seeking Growth and Alignment? Learn Movement Education and cultivate Faith to Illuminate your own inner Teacher. 



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