We are here to serve you. We offer services that will deepen your knowledge and understanding of yoga. If you are a beginner, teacher, seeker, or just curious about yoga we have something for you. Please click below to view our offerings.

Private Sessions

Private Sessions offer an opportunity to address individual needs and allows you to progress at your pace.

Group Classes

These classes are designed and sequenced to teach you how to align and integrate the relationships of the body through various techniques so the body will move and function as a whole.


Lynn is available to teach at your studio, organization, business, school, or special function.


Looking for a speaker for your lunch and learn, conference or organization? Book Lynn today!

Kids Yoga

We all lead busy lives. Our kids, too! KIDDING AROUND YOGA teaches these tools in a clear, engaging way.

Spiritual Retreats

It will give you the much needed space to connect to nature and allows you time for contemplation, reflection and solitude.

Special Events

Contact Lynn for special events for adults and children and celebrate yoga with your family and friends.

Mentoring Program

A program that elevates and transforms your teaching skills to effectively serve your students and experience personal growth in your life and theirs.


To honor the goodness and reveal the beauty of all beings so they may shine brightly from the inside out!

Passion comes from your heart, cultivating that passion comes from disciplining your mind, which brings freedom to your soul.

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