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My First Blog – May 2012

MY FIRST BLOG POST Wow, this is my first blog post and boy do I have a lot to learn about blogging. I am passionate about yoga and enjoy writing my newsletters and scribbling in my journal. I have gained many insights and find myself seeking more and more. My goal is to provide you with useful information that you can incorporate into your daily life or just simply enjoy. I know we are all busy and most of us do not allow ourselves little moments during the day to replenish our wellspring. A little love, laughter, and inspiration is always good for the soul. Hell, it can’t hurt. My offering below was inspired by spending hours in my garden tilling, weeding, planting and nurturing Mother Earth. Enjoy!
  • Spring has Sprung
  • Life has begun
  • Nature is awakening:
  • flowers blooming, bees buzzing, birds humming
  • What is forth coming?
  • Life dying to be born
  • precious, beautiful, and surreal
  • The way it makes me feel, sometimes I wonder is it real?
  • Creation or manifestation?
  • Beauty fills your heart
  • Burgeoning to co-create and participate
  • in the flow of life, to be born again and again
  • Life begins…

Yoga and the Eclipse

My husband and I hopped on his motorcycle to chase the eclipse in order to experience totality. We did not know if this would be possible since it was partly cloudy when we left Metter, GA.  Our destiny was to get in the path of the eclipse without going to a major city. He mapped out a little town called Swansea, SC which is below Columbia, SC. We took the back roads to avoid any traffic. As 2:00 pm was approaching we could see small groups of people gathering in church yards and on the sides of open fields with lounge chairs, blankets and their eclipse glasses. We pulled over near a church before we got to the town of Swansea to get the best view we could of the eclipse. I rolled out the blanket and we kicked back with our eclipse glasses and the sun was halfway covered. Clouds moved across the sky blurring the eclipse at times like a game of peek-a-boo.  We continued to gaze at the sky until only a sliver of the sun was left.  The clouds cleared and the blue appeared. Took the glasses off to observe my surroundings and you could see darkness more like dusk falling upon us.  Totality is revealed, then came the sparkling diamond ring followed by the annular/ring of fire. We both looked at one another and it was a moment of thrills, chills, and tears. The sun began to illuminate brighter so the glasses went back on. After passing half way through we packed up and drove away. Riding off into the eclipse felt like we were in the Twilight Zone.   Just before I got on the bike I looked down and found a piece of paper with the name Peyton. I opened the paper and there was a $5.00 bill. I looked at Jimmy and said does this mean money is going to flow into my life. We laughed. On the way back home we stopped at a place called Healing Springs.  It is a spring that you can go enjoy all the water you can drink and carry. People were filling up bottles of water. The water is wonderful.  Our ancestors the native American Indians used the healing waters for living and healing. They would put the british soldiers from the Revolutionary war  in the spring to heal their wounds or any sickness. Apparently it works after having a nice conversation with a local who gets water from the spring everyday. The land is now deeded to God. The rest of the ride home was a cleansing. We were soaking wet by the time we arrived back home. The rain finally caught up to us. We are so grateful that we had this magical experience together. Being in the moment is the practice of yoga. We are nature. We are totality whole, full and complete. We are light and luminous, the shadow and the dark. We are flawed and flawless. We are that diamond in the rough that needs polishing. During times of struggle and strife we are in the ring of fire. Yoga is a practice teaching us how to manage these cycles within ourself. Embodying the opposites provides contrast for us to find the balance and harmony within our hearts. Everyday should be an adventure because life is a journey.  


Matthew contacted me on FB messenger back in March of 2012. He was inspired by my picture and wanted to learn how to do splits. He has come a long way over the last few years. I am honoring Matthew and his brother Chris for practicing splits. Wow! It is amazing what discipline can do. Thank you Matthew for your kind words. “Lynn is an enthusiastic and inspirational teacher. She helped me open myself to flexibility of mind and body. I am amazed at the where I can go now in my spiritual and physical quest. I can now do a full yoga split now!”

Benefits of Kids Yoga

Are your kids stressed out? Yes they are. From kindergarten to high school and beyond numerous factors contribute to stressing  our children. We are not taught how to manage stress and we adapt and cope the best we can based on circumstances and conditions. Unless we take  time to nurture our children and ourselves we continue to lower and devalue our quality of life. The roller coaster of emotions and mental distractions lead to fear, anxiety and depression. Ancient yoga teachings are stress management techniques to help manage all parts of ourselves and enables us to connect to wholeness and well being to enhance our quality of life. Yoga is a stress management program and teaches us how to deal with the stresses in life. Whether you realize it or not kids have more stress than you think.  Yoga delivers all the tools and techniques needed to manage the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic domains of one’s self  to transform yourself. -Group classes motivates and cultivates lots of fun, creativity and instills core values that will be utilized for a lifetime. Here are some benefits of yoga that will change and nurture your child to live a healthier happier life. -Class begins will mindful awareness practices and setting and intention for the yoga practice to embody meaning through actions. -creates focus -Present knowledge and education on some aspect of yoga and what it means – creates knowledge -Tune into the breath, breath practices teach the importance of your life force -creates consciousness -Postures a/k/a asanas – teaches us how we are nature and we imitate nature. -Connects us to our body
  • Standing Poses – Creates alignment and strength
  • Forward Bends – Stimulates the relaxation response (parasympathetic nervous system)  turn your attention inward and focus on your breath.
  • Backbends – Raises energy and stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, creates  rejuvenation and invigoration to the systems of the body.
  • Balancing Poses- Strengthens the body equally through all sides, improves focus, concentration, coordination and poise
  • Inversions –  are like having your world turned upside down. Teaches you to go inward  and connect to your center of power and move with confidence and poise with a calm mind.
  • Breath practices – initiates the relaxation response to reduce tension and helps with focus and concentration on being present in the moment.
  • Meditation – teaches you to concentrate and listen to your intuition and  calm your monkey mind
  • Relaxation – Releasing and being still. Stillness is a quality that is important to balancing out our fast paced world we live in. Moving toward deep relaxation allows your body to assimilate all the benefits of yoga. The quiet time allows you to connect to your inner peace and calm that will bring happiness and joy.
Kids Yoga classes incorporate more movement and creativity to keep kids engaged without getting bored. In addition to the above, cardiovascular activities are integrated to expend energy, strengthen the cardiovascular system, and move energy. Music and dancing are therapeutic and teaches movement, coordination, rhythm and tempo. Kids need to be kids and nurture their inner child to bring a sense of play to the activities. Have fun, let loose and be comfortable being yourself. Yoga has many more benefits and it will be up to you and your child to take action and experience the benefits over time. the principles of yoga teaches compassion, mindfulness, kindness, sharing and caring for yourself and others. As I said yoga delivers all the tools and techniques needed to manage the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic domains of one’s self to transform yourself in living a healthy happy lifestyle withless stress.

Kidding Around Yoga Training

What is Kidding Around Yoga? It is a stress management program for kids to deal with their stressors in life in a fun creative way. Whether you realize it or not kids have more stress than you think. This class delivers all the tools needed to manage the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic domains of improving yourself. This class promises lots of tricks and treats that will keep you moving while instilling core values that will be utilized for a lifetime. Our blended Training combines Online Curriculum and 2 Days of Classroom Training. Includes 5 CD’s of original music. When: December 5 and 6 Saturday and Sunday Time: 9am – 6pm. Where: Branches Yoga 2424 Drayton Street, Suite B Savannah, GA. 31401 BRANCHES YOGA IS NOT HANDLING THE REGISTRATION. PLEASE GO TO THE FOLLOWING WEBSITE TO REGISTER FOR THE TRAINING. BRING A FRIEND AND RECEIVE $200.00 OFF YOUR REGISTRATION PAYMENT PLAN AVAILABLE REGISTER AT:

Yoga is a Spiritual Practice

Yoga is a spiritual practice that leads one to bring forth his or her own true potential. Many westerners have their vision of what yoga is, but the ultimate goal is spiritual enlightenment. Yoga is not just a physical practice, but it’s purpose is to integrate or unite the self with God. The yoking or uniting of the individual spirit to God. This is the eighth limb in The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. This reading is a required part of the Teacher Training Program to receive Registered Yoga Teacher accreditation. Many students may not realize this aspect of yoga unless they have gone through the training program and received the teachings. Everything depends on how the yogi approaches yoga. The six orthodox schools of Indian philosophy and the Eight Limbs of yoga offers everything you will need to develop all facets of one’s existence to reach your true potential. It is many practices that enhances willpower and discipline and both are important to achieving any goal in life. Most Westerners practice the third limb of yoga, the asanas (postures). Connecting physically is the most accessible way for most of us to begin a yoga practice. If this is the only limb one practices it becomes more of a physical fitness program. This only develops one facet of your self and it happens to be the most densest part of yourself. No pun intended but it is the easiest way to connect through the physical. The dedicated sincere seeker can discriminate between authentic teaching traditions and modern versions of how yoga is practiced. The first time I went to a yoga class I felt something deeper as if I had tapped into an abundant source. It did not feel like a physical fitness program although I did take my first yoga class in a health club facility. The more I practiced yoga and began to learn what yoga really is the more I emphasized the different stages of yoga. I felt I was cultivating a healthy mind, body, and soul. We are multi-layered and if we only train one part of ourself the others are neglected. The sense of wholeness is lost and we feel lack or a disconnect from the other parts of ourself. We try to fill that lack with addictions through the senses. In essence the journey is to conquer one’s own ignorance. This can be done by practices of work, worship, mind control, and philosophy training. Please see my previous post on Soul Progression Yoga. I am available for workshops, trainings, lectures and instructional videos. Lynn Geddes Wolling 912-308-3410

Soul Progression Yoga

My teachings are based on the ancient teachings of the Tantric tradition. Tantra means to weave or traverse. It is an invitation to embrace the whole of human experience, light and dark. It provides a spiritual path that embraces the divinity inherent in all of life. My approach is having a human experience through the gift of embodiment as a way of connecting to the God and Goddess within, hence your inner guru. Meditation is a practice for the mind to slow the racing of thoughts and distractions to a gentle flow that offers pauses, insights, and presence. It allows you to creatively express your true nature on a daily basis with less or no stress. The physical asana practice is Hatha yoga. The poses are practiced with an Attitude /Intention an expression from your heart to reawaken your divine nature, Alignment of your physical and energetic bodies from knowledge and awareness, and Action your willpower to evolve and heal yourself and thrive in your own purpose with joyful freedom.

It is my intention to provide a sacred space filled with love, knowledge, and soul to inspire a true human experience that uplifts humanity. I want everyone who practices in the AHA sanctuary to experience an “aha” moment. A moment of grace is awakening you to a new perspective that brings lightness. Yoga is a discipline and only works when practiced. I am here to inspire you and teach you the foundations to integrate into your yoga practice and in every facet of your daily life. Yoga is a life practice that nourishes, replenishes, and heals your body, mind, and soul. This is my gift to you.

Anahata Healing Arts /2424 Drayton Street, Suite B/ Savannah, Georgia. 31401

Tuesdays 6:30 – 7:45pm

Yoga for Small Spaces/Chair Yoga

After working with all populations from children to seniors I realize that there is a vast need and comprehension on how to achieve proper alignment in the body. Many children and adults sit with rainbow rounded backs and can’t even touch their toes. With less physical activity in the world due to inactive jobs, removal of PE programs in the schools, and the abundance of technology we are stimulated with, we are not strengthening and stretching the muscles that hold us upright. Look at pictures from the 1800’s of men, women, and children sitting and standing. Their posture was rather attractive. The corsets women wore aided in supporting the bust, creating a cone-shape while drawing the shoulders back. Men also wore corsets to obtain a slim figure and narrow the waist line. I am not suggesting you wear a corset, but I am suggesting that it is important that you take care of your back in order to maintain a healthy spine. Look around and observe how people sit, stand and bend over. The majority can’t even hold their shoulders on their back, sit up, stand up much less touch their toes while maintaining the proper curves of the S- Spine that enable them to sit and stand upright. Many imbalances lead to debilitating diseases in the body. Individuals may have weaknesses in the nervous system resulting in depression, anxiety, grief, circulatory, lymphatic, autoimmune, and digestive disorders. Yoga is for everyone who is willing to make a lifestyle change and take charge of their health to improve their quality of life. Yoga can be done by anyone, anywhere and anytime. If you can breathe you can do yoga. Children to senior citizens can do yoga. Yoga has been proven beneficial to athletes to improve performance. It is being prescribed for pre and post rehabilitation therapy for patients. Some hospitals are using yoga for heart and cancer patients. Pregnant women can do yoga, but should practice under the supervision of a certified pre and post natal yoga teacher. Chair Yoga is being taught at yoga studios, assisted living and medical facilities, work places and in some schools. Yoga not only has physical benefits, but it also has psychological benefits. Yoga uses mindful awareness linking postures with your breath. Looking at a yoga pose in a book and trying to imitate it with minimal knowledge and instruction can be challenging if you do not know how to initiate optimal alignment while maintaining stability and integration in the pose. Knowing how to build a pose from the foundation will produce greater results. Yoga poses are built from the foundation whether you are using your feet, hands or head. It is like building a quality home from the ground up. When you see a pose that appears as though you would never be able to achieve automatically it makes you feel contracted or limited. Modifications and props are wonderful tools to use to cultivate the strength, balance, and flexibility needed to obtain the final form of the pose. This is why it is called yoga practice. We practice to temper our vessel and create our own support to open our bodies and transform on a mental, physical, emotional and energetic level. This can be challenging for beginners and even experienced practitioners. Developing and initiating your own practice can become overwhelming if you do not know where to start. What poses should I do and how should the poses be sequenced? Yoga for Small Spaces/Chair Yoga provides the knowledge, ideas, and concepts so that any person regardless of age and ability has access to the expertise needed to create a successful yoga practice. Instructing a variety of populations has inspired me to integrate my knowledge and create a product that any individual can replicate. The instructions and ideas are used to assimilate this knowledge into your own practice and experiences. Allow your practice to be a manifestation of the beauty that pulsates in your heart to be the best you can be on all levels! Please see the yoga video that describes the three things you do every day. Stand, Sit and Forward Bend.

The Path of Service

The Path of Service December 23rd, 2013 by Lynn I wanted to take this opportunity to express heartfelt gratitude to all of you who have allowed me to serve you this year. Service is one virtue I have fully embraced this year amongst the heartbreak of death. I have grieved the death of at least a half a dozen family, friends and animals combined. The inner journeys of these experiences requires honesty, determination and service. Service combines personal responsibility and compassion with action. It has been exciting, challenging and rewarding. Something mystical and spiritual is awakened when we give selfless dedication. We are born to serve. It makes our existence valuable. Service is an action and all actions have consequences. Acting without taking personal responsibility is self sabotaging. Look around you and observe what is happening during this joyous celebration of giving. People are striving for things they don’t need, hurting others for things they really don’t want and following paths that in the end may kill us all. Without taking personal responsibility along with compassion is a path to destruction. Is a selfish person worthy of service? Personal responsibility can arise anger and shame. Taking responsibility is part of your evolution in life. The down side to service is some people embrace it without knowing personal responsibility and compassion. This can override our common sense and senseless acts of violence happen. Control and domination are heightened and can ruin the lives of many individuals. When you cultivate the power of personal responsibility with compassion external causes will no longer produce internal reactions. The solution is the inner journeys will increase personal responsibility and compassion. They are prerequisites in being in service to others. Serve is derived from deserve. To be worthy of something. At the root of service is the person, organization or country who is deserving and worthy. Why would you want to serve something that is not deserving or worthy of being served? We have been brainwashed to believe compassion is a weakness and personal responsibility has been reduced to following orders. Do what you are told or else. Are you going to feed this trinity of deterioration, indoctrination and regression? This would be taking from humanity not giving to humanity. Discernment from the mind and compassion from the heart is a good formula to implement in any situation. Heart and mind consciousness need to work together in balance and harmony. I got a taste of how this works from my experiences this year with many deaths. Forgiveness and kindness awaken compassion and confession and goodwill increases personal responsibility. People of goodwill will find this valuable. There are two categories of service; to self and to others. We can do two good deeds; we can do it together or we can do it for each other. Service to those who choose not to help themselves is a waste of time and energy. Help those who are trying and taking action with the current situation they are in. Service to others from the head is smart business and service to others from the heart is superb business. Personal responsibility and compassion will produce valuable profits and benefit deserving people who appreciate the value you have to offer. Thank you for giving me the benefits of love and joy by allowing me to serve you. I look forward to serving you in the coming new year with some new valuable offerings. Love and joy, Lynn
  • Ancient Teachings of Service
  • “The Simple Path
  • Silence is Prayer
  • Prayer is Faith
  • Faith is Love
  • Love is Service
  • The Fruit of Service is Peace” ― Mother Teresa
Buddhist “Teach this triple truth to all: A generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity.” Galatians 5:13 You, my brothers, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the sinful nature; rather, serve one another in love.

The Art of Surrender

The Art of Surrender I know your first thought must be it is easier said than done. If you are not practicing surrender then you must be doing a lot of controlling. Control mode shifts the mind from thought to thought and from past to future rapidly and results in little or no concentration, poor memory, and no present awareness. Control is a result of being attached to a specific outcome usually an outcome that is best suited for you rather than the greater good of all. Control mode is rooted in fear. How do I balance control and surrender and move beyond my fears? Let’s take a journey inward. Thoughts are the source of all we do and all we see before us. We can choose to think anything and with those thoughts stimulates sensations. When you stay with a sensation and with a thought the thought becomes a belief. What we choose as a belief system really inhibits our growth and evolution. If everything is a possibility and there are infinite possibilities then every possibility always exists in the great un-manifested, and no thought, belief or action can change that. What you listen to is your choice, as it is with your thoughts. Core beliefs are rooted in your sub-conscious mind, formed from the day we are born by our dependency on others for survival. Your core beliefs cause you to think and behave in specific ways. They are rooted in your sub-conscious mind that either support or suppress your personal power. Your core beliefs define your comfort zone. They are the foundation upon which all of your expectations are formed. Core beliefs are like energy magnets that pull toward you—via the Law of Attraction—what you think is true about yourself and the world around you. Life doesn’t feel right when your core beliefs do not agree with who you really are. This feeling of being disconnected is the cause of all negative emotions, hence a need to control. The quality of your life is the direct result of the quality of your beliefs. We can easily change our Conscious beliefs when new information is presented. This is the gift of freewill. It is a powerful act of courage that helps you surrender attachment to the thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back. Now go look in the mirror and say, “I have the courage and the freewill to activate my personal power as a conscious creator and think something that evokes a more positive emotion.” If you want to know what your core beliefs are, all you have to do is pay attention to how you express your personal, individual I AM’s. Your “I AM’s” point directly to your core beliefs. The way you are on your yoga mat is exactly the way you are in your life. Let’s take Action! Ask yourself and or contemplate the following;
  • Do my I AM’s align or resist my true nature?
  • Choose an I AM thought that makes you feel better and don’t try to analyze the resistance. “I am consciously manifesting my beautiful life.”
  • Consciously choose to think something that evokes a more positive emotion and do it with an attitude of gratitude. It is the ultimate arcanum to activate your personal power as a conscious creator. “My thoughts are a reflection of my reality.”
  • Does the manner in which I live reflect my values and attitudes?
I invite you to surrender and let go of control. Choose to live deliberately. Live a life of quality and value that allows you to express your true gifts and passions. Join me, Joanne and Joshua at AHA. We are here to inform and empower you to explore the infinite possibilities.