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Autism and Yoga Therapy

Yoga Me Fit Unites with Aiden’s Wagon to Host Autism Awareness in Forsyth Park.

I am so excited to join Kimberly Turpin of Aiden’s Wagon, a non-profit organization that is committed to enriching the lives of individuals and families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

I have worked with Autistic and Asperger children teaching techniques and practices to address sensory processing. Yoga therapy practices for hyper/hypo sensitivity for sensory integration, self regulation and self acceptance.

Finding balance in the opposites is harmonious, pure and peaceful. This is one of the many great practices that yoga teaches. Autistic Spectrum Disorders is very unique as each child has different ranges and variables. Yoga when applied as therapy addresses the whole person which involves many systems of the Mind Body Complex. When applied properly all systems involved will function optimally.

I was honored when asked if I would lead the children in two yoga practice sessions and speak about how yoga therapy can support children with Autism.

Yoga Therapy when applied and practiced will refine and tune your five senses along with spatial concepts and functions of your internal landscape. The interoception system of the body must function to avoid frustrations and melt-downs.

Yoga Therapy training sessions consist of internal and external awareness and functions, including breathing practices, physical postures, mindfulness practices, visualization, focus, concentration, meditation, interoception awareness skills and relaxation.

Mindfulness practices and guided meditations activate the insula, the center of interoception. This facilitates the release of emotions, reduces stress, promotes well-being and health while increasing compassionate behavior toward others.

A successful yoga therapy program for (ASD) is to know the whole child since yoga is about becoming whole in mind, body and spirit. Gathering the history, predisposition, preferences, understanding the child’s learning styles will have a significant impact on the child’s behaviors, social and communication skills while reducing anxiety and increasing self-esteem.

Aiden’s Wagon provides support and empowerment to families; creates comprehensive programs designed to promote and enhance the lives of anyone impacted by Autism, engages in fundraising efforts to increase awareness in the community as well as lessen the burden of families with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

They provide assistance for therapeutic devices and therapy sessions as well as support for families with individuals living with autism. Some of their services include coffee and conversation, sibling connection and family enrichment.

​I believe there is a lack of Autism awareness and education in managing neurological and developmental disorders. Yoga Therapy sessions are very powerful and impactful in managing this neurological and developmental disorder. The practices will facilitate self-healing resulting in less or no medicines, relieving pain and suffering, doctors visits while managing or curing diseases.



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