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Change Management

All of our worlds are being turned upside down and inside out. I am having to embrace technology whether I like it or not. This is especially a time the world needs yoga more than ever. 

The stress levels and mental anxieties are continuing to increase. Change is inevitable and when we have access to education and the necessary tools to combat these changes we are better equipped to navigate the unknown while cultivating peace and harmony in the midst of destruction. 

Yoga Me Fit is here to help you through these changes. If you are not sick with COVID 19 you will become sick from the immense amount of stressors that you are encountering on a daily basis. 

“Mind can cause disease in body and body can cause disease in mind”

Every day if you are not choosing to disengage from the TV and media hype which is spewing disinformation to confuse the public and keep them in a state of panic and fear then all of your senses are at risk.

Yoga and Ayurveda Health is a state of enjoying uninterrupted physical, mental and spiritual health including all your sense organs (vision, sound, smell, taste, and touch). Each of these areas has to be strong to be truly healthy and each area needs to be strengthened to have true health.

Yoga and Ayurveda is a system of medicine to bring a balanced state of life to preserve your health and wellbeing. The disease is an unbalanced state.

Yoga Me Fit offers guidance to:

  1. Identify yourself along with your habits and patterns.
  2. Enable you to realize and perceive what is good and bad for the body and mind based on your individual blueprint.
  3. Provide methods for improving your lifespan and quality of life.

The term social distancing is impacting the human heart connection and is impairing our senses to cultivate love, sympathy, and empathy for one another. If the only connection we have is through a machine then I will embrace the technology to spread love, sympathy, and empathy to humanity. 

I will be using technology via Facebook, Zoom, YouTube and the Yoga Me Fit website to engage with each of you to provide services for you to connect to your body, mind, spirit, and senses for healing and wellbeing.

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Thank you for your love and support. Let us come together and engage in education and methods to focus on strength, balance, and flexibility for our body, mind, and spirit to enhance our senses and develop a higher consciousness of health and wellbeing for the greater good of humanity

From my heart to yours, Lynn 



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