I know we have all heard the phrase, “Do Your Best.” That term to me feels vague which leaves me asking myself, “What is my best?” When I contemplate “Do your best in the moment” it feels more obtainable based on how I am feeling in this moment. Your best is going to change from moment to moment. It will be different whether you are feeling creative or destructive, happy or sad and so on. Under any and all circumstances always doing your best in the moment cultivates ambition, courage, and wisdom. Ambition is your dreams. Courage is your spirit that enables you to face difficulty without fear. Wisdom is your experiences of insights and realizations. By doing your best in the moment, you lift a veil that cloaks your ambitions. The veil holds you back and draws you in a sea of negative identities. When you run and hide behind this veil you are not doing your best. To live deliberately and to do your best in the moment requires balancing ambition, courage, and wisdom to create and shape your realities so that these realities come to fruition. Some practices I engage in to enable me to do my best in the moment are Simplicity; I don’t take the simple most mundane things for granted. I try to see the beauty and I share the simple pleasures that are overlooked on a daily basis if you are not practicing awareness. I pick my battles and let go of justifications and arguments. I say my truth and move on. Integrity by recognizing I am connected to everyone and everything. Staying present more often than not and taking responsibility. Service to others and to myself by releasing my mind from the slavery imposed by the ego. Helping others, doing useful things, and having no regrets. My focus is giving value to the world rather than taking from the world. Acceptance is knowing when to let go. When I have exhausted my efforts I let it go or I come back with a fresh positive attitude and a new perspective. I embrace the cycles of pain and suffering and approach the negative experience looking for something positive from it. This will allow for my growth and transformation. Open your heart and allow grace to flow through you by letting go of controlling and manipulating behaviors driven by ego. Connecting to grace allows you to see the beauty in the most mundane. Your ambition, courage, and wisdom when balanced will lead you to wanting to do your best in the moment. This is your dharma (duty). When the body, mind, and spirit function optimally you are doing your best in the moment. Check out my video here by clicking Foundation, Form & Function. Yoga is a passage to align physically through a sequence of asanas. It is the easiest and most tangible way for us to begin to understand the Self. Then the journey goes deeper into mental, emotional, and spiritual layers. You delve into each layer of being to connect to the true authentic Self. Wisdom is gained through the practice. We have heard the common maxim that is weaved through all religions and philosophies “Know thy Self.”



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