June is already here another year half gone. Oh dear where has time flown. Looking back what have you accomplished thus far? Did your intentions for this year dwindle to the rear or are you reaping the benefits and transforming these ideas?

Following my heart and setting my intentions has been a life changer.  My travels to India earlier this year have opened up new and exciting adventures leaving me no room for fear.

Gratitude to my teachers for their inspiration and teachings!

He made a comment to me, “Oh you teach Ayurveda”

I replied, “No, I specialize in yoga for all populations and ages including functional training, posture alignment, injury prevention and movement education.”

Rajnish replied, “You are only teaching half of what is required for a person to be well.  Ayurveda and Yoga work together to prevent disease and bring balance and harmony to the whole body. You cannot teach one without the other.”

The light grew bright and I realized he was right. I am not fully serving my students and clients. The passion in my heart for this knowledge is immense so much I am leaving on July 25th for Kerala, India to study Ayurvedic medicine. I have enrolled into a three month diploma program including  yoga therapy, psychology, nutrition, herbology, clinicals and panchakarma (various treatments for managing diseases).



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