India is a very intriguing place. Lots of deep culture and rituals that sustain the people and traditions of India. Benaras a/k/a Varanasi is considered the oldest city in India and the holiest city in the world to Hindus. Varanasi is steeped in Indian classical music and yoga traditions. Another wonderful opportunity to go study with the masters that are birthed into the traditions of indian classical music and yoga generation after generation composing family lineages of seasoned and gifted practitioners. My husband Jimmy and I will be returning to Varanasi to study with our teachers Deobrat and Prashant Mishra to continue studying the sitar and tablas. We are grateful to have them teach us their talents and skills that run deep in their family heritage You can feel the music singing in your heart and soul. I will be studying more yoga therapy training at some different schools based on offerings to further my continuing education. Yoga addresses any health concerns acute or chronic.  Effective yoga sequences and actions are required and are taught based on individual needs and concerns. Yoga is the focus of self-care to improve function and overall well-being. This requires a proactive mindset with LIFEstyle changes allowing you to thrive in your own LIFE. Health is the best gift you can give. Why not give it to yourself! We depart on January 23rd and will return on March 5th. I will return to the studio on Tuesday March 13th to resume classes and scheduled appointments at Savannah Yoga Barre. You can visit my website for updated information at  or follow Yoga Me Fit FB, Upcoming events for 2018 consists of  workshops, concerts, Alignment classes and Yoga Me Fit Challenge classes. Healthy is not a goal it is a way of life. I look forward to passing on the ancient teachings still used today in India in their health care system for whole body wellness. After all it is where you live. Living and giving, Lynn



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