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Love and Heart Health

Yes, I know Love can be cruel and you probably think this is about your heartbreak after you lose the love of your life. This can put an immense amount of stress on your heart and sweep you up in a tsunami of emotions disturbing the mental energy and the spirit that dwells in you. 


How this chain of events actually occurs is first your spirit is broken, your mind begins to act like a crazy monkey, you’re drowning in your emotions, and then it shows up physically in the body as disease or dis-ease.


You ever go to the doctor because you are having pains and discomfort and they cannot tell you What or Why? Well, that has happened to me twice in my life. I was sitting in Statistics class in college and all of a sudden I got pain in my chest, shortness of breath, and numbness running down my left leg. As the professor is teaching, I am trying to breathe through it all and hold out until the end of class. I stood up and felt very unsteady shuffling toward him. I leaned on his desk and told him I need to leave and go to the hospital. The Campus police picked me up and off I went.

After twelve hours in the ER and test after test, I was told my heart is fine. I asked What or Why? They responded we will have to assume anxiety.  Prior to this episode, I would occasionally experience discomfort in my chest and shortness of breath but managed to breathe through it until I could get the pain to subside and I was able to breathe deep again. It was the numbing down my leg that scared me into going and getting checked out.

Prior to that, I went through a very stressful divorce losing what I thought was the Love of my life along with watching my children’s hearts break. This affects children just as much as adults if not more. This is when yoga showed up in my life.

As I began to put my life back together going back to school and working two and three jobs to keep a roof over my children’s head I realized what I had survived made me stronger. I would periodically at times have pains in my chest and shortness of breath, but used my yoga practice to strengthen my mind, body, and spirit. This is the best medicine I have ever experienced. 

This led me to India thus far five times to study with master yogis who have taught me how yoga when practiced fully heals the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual human blueprint. 

We are Multidimensional Beings which requires maintenance to sustain optimal functions in all these components that make you, you. Just never maintain your car and keep driving it and see what happens. 

Yoga integrates radiant health when practiced fully and frequently, which I do. I have not experienced any pain in my chest or shortness of breath for years.

Twenty years later in 2020 I sat up from a deep sleep and screamed out from the pain in my chest. I managed to breathe through it. One month later the same thing happened. I thought well, I better go get it checked out. This time I went to a cardiologist. I ran the gamut of every test that could be performed to determine What or Why.  I was told I am healthy and above average for my age and should keep doing what I am doing. 

Heart problems do run in my family. The crazy thing is there has been no diagnosis given to me yet. I am grateful and curious. This led me to do my own research to try and determine What or Why. 

I came across a diagnosis called Broken Heart Syndrome(BHS). As I read through many publications and research articles about BHS I found it described the same symptoms I was experiencing, pain in the chest and shortness of breath. BHS is a temporary heart condition that is brought on by stressful situations and extreme emotions. The good news is this condition can reverse itself in days or weeks. Here is an easy read from one of the publications on BHS which I found very helpful. Mayo Clinic

I believe 2020 was a good testing ground for our strengths and weaknesses. Depression, Suicides, Addictions and Mental Illness is off the charts, but nobody is talking about the number of lives lost to these illnesses. 

What? Traumas can destroy the mind, body, and spirit and these illnesses are results from traumas. 

Why? As one of my Teachers states, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” Meaning you don’t know what knowledge you are missing.

Thank God for my Yoga practices. I have increased the frequency of my yoga practices and incorporated Ayurveda(Science of life) and running to hopefully prevent BHS(Yes, I diagnosed myself). 

I am not on any medications, just meditations that do an amazing job of taming that crazy monkey mind and healing you mentally, physically, and spiritually. 

Five Practices to upgrade your health in Mind, Body, and Spirit.

  • Mental (Mind) – Meditation, Concentration practices, Focus finding

  • Physical (Body) – Asana practice, Movement education, Physical Therapy

  • Pranayama (Breath regulation) – Profound Stress Reduction, Nervous System relief, Anxiety relief, Total Relaxation

  • Spiritual Studies, Practices, and Prayer

  • Nature is the best medicine. It is filled with Prana. Get in it!

Lynn Geddes Wolling, Yoga Me Fit, LLC 

Author of Yoga for Small Spaces/Chair Yoga Instructor Guide

Co-Author Yoga for Small Spaces Cards



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