My passion is serving and uplifting humanity through the discipline of yoga and expanding into the freedom of your soul. I know this well because I had to serve and uplift myself and free my soul to be able to experience the power of my passion. When you find your inner guru it will lead you from the dark into the light. In yoga the word “ guru” is two syllables gu represents dark and ignorance of humankind and ru represents light and spiritual knowledge. A guru leads you from darkness into the light. I believe yoga comes to you exactly when you need it. Coming out of a 15 year relationship with all the accumulation that goes along with marriage can be very humbling. It took me 2 years to figure out who I am and what purpose I have in this life. My spirit was broken, my mind was racing like the Kentucky Derby, and my body was breaking down despite the fact I am fitness professional. What I learned is you cannot mask the symptoms, you have to treat the source. When you are stressed and or traumatized every cell in your body holds this energy pattern. Spirit is love that uplifts the human heart and when this is broken you feel resentment, criticism, guilt, and fear. My teachings are based on the ancient teachings of the Tantric tradition. Tantra means to weave or traverse. It is an invitation to embrace the whole of human experience, light and dark. It provides a spiritual path that embraces the divinity inherent in all of life. My approach is having a human experience through the gift of embodiment as a way of connecting to the God and Goddess within, hence your inner guru. Meditation is a practice for the mind to slow the racing of thoughts and distractions to a gentle flow that offers pauses, insights, and presence. It allows you to creatively express your true nature on a daily basis with less or no stress. The physical asana practice is Hatha yoga. The poses are practiced with an Attitude /Intention an expression from your heart to reawaken your divine nature, Alignment of your physical and energetic bodies from knowledge and awareness, and Action your willpower to evolve and heal yourself and thrive in your own purpose with joyful freedom. It is my intention to provide a sacred space filled with love, knowledge, and soul to inspire a true human experience that uplifts humanity. I want everyone who practices in the AHA sanctuary to experience an “aha” moment. A moment of grace is awakening you to a new perspective that brings lightness. Yoga is a discipline and only works when practiced. I am here to inspire you and teach you the foundations to integrate into your yoga practice and in every facet of your daily life. Silly rabbit yoga is not just practiced on your mat, it is a life practice that nourishes, replenishes, and heals your body, mind, and soul. This is my gift to you.  



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