Blog – Seeking Truth Through the Dramas of Life

We end up believing whatever we hear, see and read about. How easy it is to fall into the narrative of an agenda without questioning, researching and thinking outside of that narrative. Completely detach your emotions, thoughts and opinions of what is being presented and played. Go beyond all your senses to learn all you can about the subject. You have to live it to teach it and avoid mechanical decisions.


Opposition is what caused problems for me and my children who have grown up questioning and debating the narrative. Courage is needed to question, debate, and consider all possibilities to know what is truth and what is not. Emotions which always play a part can become balanced and used more efficiently to break the struggles of life. Free will has potential energy and is well worth setting this energy in motion to propel yourself in to the next level of understanding.


We jump at the opportunity to blame someone or thing without all the pieces of puzzled information in hand to take a stand. Are we driven by passion in our heart?  How do we know what the right thing is? Do we use experience, intuition and innate knowledge to seek what is true? We all see the pieces differently which makes for questions and debates to further learning and understanding of where the truth lies.


Where is the spark, creativity and imagination of free thought? From the time we are birthed into this world, we are lied to. Our minds are brainwashed in believing sets of principles laid down by authority as incontrovertibly true. If you know you have intuition your a rationalist. An empiricist does not believe in intuition or innate intelligence. Everything is based on a theory that experience is the source of knowledge. I agree we need experience but we also need reason. I agree with both viewpoints. Is that wrong….. do I need to pick a side? It seems to be the narrative as we are hammered with external stimuli. We regurgitate information and believe we have found the truth.


Knowledge is formed on the basis of logic, reason, and experience. Exercising the mind is as equally important as with the body. Yoga when practiced offers multitudes of possibilities for inner discovery and exploration. Yoga is practiced throughout the day not just on a mat doing physical asana practices. This is important to the physical body, but yoga encompasses all layers and energies of our self.


Awareness is not practiced for an hour or/and on some days but for twenty four hours a day. If not practiced then the mindset is mechanical. Those who seek yoga are making a commitment to practice yoga over one’s remaining lifetime.


Life is sacred and viewing life as the next moment may not come opens you to experience life from the heart. The stressors of life are no longer ruling your life. Your intentions and lifestyle are your yoga.You walk, talk, breathe, eat, and sleep to be present. The irony is some people are invisible when they are alive and visible when dead.


Yoga will shift energy in your body.  It will increase blood flow and oxygen which is required for healing. Neurons are firing increasing stimulation, heightening sensations and deepening the connections of the layers of the body. Breathe, find your point of concentration and move with awareness.


Your mind is calm and your heart feels love.

The inner light is bright and shines from above

Absorbed with the Spirit of Divine Love

Heart Qualities for Living VIrtues and Values