Why Yoga and Ayurveda Recover Mental Illnesses

Oh no, not another suicide! How many of you have said, “I wish I was dead,” “I wish I had never been born.” I have said this more than once...

Autism and Yoga Therapy

Yoga Me Fit Unites with Aiden’s Wagon to Host Autism Awareness in Forsyth Park. I am so excited to join Kimberly Turpin of Aiden’s Wagon, a non-profit organization that...

Love and Heart Health

Yes, I know Love can be cruel and you probably think this is about your heartbreak after you lose the love of your life. This can put an immense amount...

The Deer in the Headlight

A beautiful, sunny blue sky day all ready to go embrace nature. My husband Jimmy and I decided to take the motorcycles on a road trip to the Okefenokee Swamp.

Change Management

All of our worlds are being turned upside down and inside out. I am having to embrace technology whether I like it or not. I am having to embrace ...

Spring Forward into a New Dimension and Decade

The future is so bright you have to wear shades. As we move forward into a new decade of change and uncertainty, we are called to reevaluate our current condition and how we live.

Happy New Year

Happy to move into this new decade of adventures, learning and living what I am most passionate about. I hope you feel passionate about something in your life that drives your hearts desire to embrace life and move with grace to a place that allows you to thrive and truly feel alive!

Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung and new life has begun. As we come out of the dark and cold conditions of Winter and into the light and warm conditions of Spring it is the perfect time to nurture our internal environment while enjoying the external environment.

Following my ❤ is where I shall start!​

June is already here another year half gone. Oh dear where has time flown. Looking back what have you accomplished thus far? Did your intentions for this year dwindle to the rear or are you reaping the benefits and transforming these ideas?

Yoga From the Far East

Did you know you can chart a roadmap for your unique blueprint to balance your true nature to maximize your health and wellness? How would this change your current condition? Human activity is often seen as a separate category from other natural phenomena although we are part of nature. We mimic nature and we are designed to live in harmony with nature.

Seeking Truth Through the Dramas of Life

We end up believing whatever we hear, see and read about. How easy it is to fall into the narrative of an agenda without questioning, researching and thinking outside of that narrative. Completely detach your emotions, thoughts and opinions of what is being presented and played. Go beyond all your senses to learn all you can about the subject. You have to live it to teach it and avoid mechanical decisions.

From India with Love

Waking up every morning with the sun glistening and sparkling off the surface of the water reminds me of the inner light we have inside of us.

Intriguing India

India is a very intriguing place. The deep culture and rituals sustain the people and traditions of India. Benaras a/k/a Varanasi is considered the oldest city in India and the holiest city in the world to Hindus.

Blessings of Yoga for Maturing Citizens

Many are not aware of the numerous blessings yoga provides for maturing citizens. I would like to share with you a few reasons why the aging population can benefit from yoga as well as various practices for receiving the blessings offered by yoga.

Yoga for Small Spaces

After working with all populations from children to seniors I realize that there is a vast need and comprehension on how to achieve proper alignment in the body. Many children and adults sit with rainbow rounded backs and can’t even touch their toes.

The Path of Service

I wanted to take this opportunity to express heartfelt gratitude to all of you who have allowed me to serve you this year. Service is one virtue I have fully embraced this year amongst the heartbreak of death. I have grieved the death of at least a half a dozen family, friends and animals combined.

The Art of Surrender

I know your first thought must be it is easier said than done. If you are not practicing surrender then you must be doing a lot of controlling. Control mode shifts the mind from thought to thought and from past to future rapidly and results in little or no concentration, poor memory, and no present awareness.

My Passionate Intention

My passion is serving and uplifting humanity through the discipline of yoga and expanding into the freedom of your soul. I know this well because I had to serve and uplift myself and free my soul to be able to experience the power of my passion. When you find your inner guru it will lead you from the dark into the light.

What does Mother mean to you?

Throughout history symbols and impressions from different cultures have served as powerful implications to help us connect to the meaning of Mother. It is something innate in each of us that defines our connection to our Mother. This is why the experience is so profound for each of us.

My New Mat

This mat is thick and is very similar to the quality of a Manduka mat which I practiced on until it was time to retire it. I am enjoying the quality, thickness, and durability this mat offers.

Do Your Best

I know we have all heard the phrase, “Do Your Best.” That term to me feels vague which leaves me asking myself, “What is my best?” When I contemplate “Do your best in the moment” it feels more obtainable based on how I am feeling in this moment.

Patience and Anusara Yoga

It is patience that implies self-control. As Thomas Jefferson quoted, “Nothing gives one person so much advantage over another as to remain always cool and unruffled under all circumstances.” 

My First Blog

I am passionate about yoga and enjoy writing my newsletters and scribbling in my journal. I have gained many insights and find myself seeking more and more.


To honor the goodness and reveal the beauty of all beings so they may shine brightly from the inside out!

Passion comes from your heart, cultivating that passion comes from disciplining your mind, which brings freedom to your soul.

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