Benefits of Kids Yoga

Are your kids stressed out? Yes they are. From kindergarten to high school and beyond numerous factors contribute to stressing  our children. We are not taught how to manage stress and we adapt and cope the best we can based on circumstances and conditions. Unless we take  time to nurture our children and ourselves we continue to lower and devalue our quality of life. The roller coaster of emotions and mental distractions lead to fear, anxiety and depression. Ancient yoga teachings are stress management techniques to help manage all parts of ourselves and enables us to connect to wholeness and well being to enhance our quality of life. Yoga is a stress management program and teaches us how to deal with the stresses in life. Whether you realize it or not kids have more stress than you think.  Yoga delivers all the tools and techniques needed to manage the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic domains of one’s self  to transform yourself. -Group classes motivates and cultivates lots of fun, creativity and instills core values that will be utilized for a lifetime. Here are some benefits of yoga that will change and nurture your child to live a healthier happier life. -Class begins will mindful awareness practices and setting and intention for the yoga practice to embody meaning through actions. -creates focus -Present knowledge and education on some aspect of yoga and what it means – creates knowledge -Tune into the breath, breath practices teach the importance of your life force -creates consciousness -Postures a/k/a asanas – teaches us how we are nature and we imitate nature. -Connects us to our body
  • Standing Poses – Creates alignment and strength
  • Forward Bends – Stimulates the relaxation response (parasympathetic nervous system)  turn your attention inward and focus on your breath.
  • Backbends – Raises energy and stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, creates  rejuvenation and invigoration to the systems of the body.
  • Balancing Poses- Strengthens the body equally through all sides, improves focus, concentration, coordination and poise
  • Inversions –  are like having your world turned upside down. Teaches you to go inward  and connect to your center of power and move with confidence and poise with a calm mind.
  • Breath practices – initiates the relaxation response to reduce tension and helps with focus and concentration on being present in the moment.
  • Meditation – teaches you to concentrate and listen to your intuition and  calm your monkey mind
  • Relaxation – Releasing and being still. Stillness is a quality that is important to balancing out our fast paced world we live in. Moving toward deep relaxation allows your body to assimilate all the benefits of yoga. The quiet time allows you to connect to your inner peace and calm that will bring happiness and joy.
Kids Yoga classes incorporate more movement and creativity to keep kids engaged without getting bored. In addition to the above, cardiovascular activities are integrated to expend energy, strengthen the cardiovascular system, and move energy. Music and dancing are therapeutic and teaches movement, coordination, rhythm and tempo. Kids need to be kids and nurture their inner child to bring a sense of play to the activities. Have fun, let loose and be comfortable being yourself. Yoga has many more benefits and it will be up to you and your child to take action and experience the benefits over time. the principles of yoga teaches compassion, mindfulness, kindness, sharing and caring for yourself and others. As I said yoga delivers all the tools and techniques needed to manage the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic domains of one’s self to transform yourself in living a healthy happy lifestyle withless stress.



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