Lynn Geddes-Wolling is here to serve, awaken and uplift humanity through the teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda. She is a long-time Savannah yoga teacher and fitness expert who specializes in biomechanical alignment, yoga therapies, and alternative pain management.

Lynn has over 30 years of fitness training experience in all types of training for all populations and ages. Her focus is on functional training with core facilitation and injury prevention.

Lynn has been teaching Yoga since 2002 and a practitioner of yoga since 1999. Her approach to yoga is not just physical. The teachings are rich and offer you the opportunity to explore and cultivate all facets of yourself. The physical gift of embodiment is where we start to understand how to move beyond the densest aspect of ourselves. (No pun intended) into a higher state of consciousness or, we become inert.

Taking a journey beyond your physical state to a new level raises the consciousness of the mental, emotional, and vital energy bodies. Your next climb will be to raise your will, understanding, and intuitive layers. It only makes sense if we live in a subconscious and conscious state why not develop all layers of ourselves to thrive in a superconscious state.

The approach is based on what each individual is looking to achieve, re-establish, or create. Lynn can give you the education and the tools you need to transform your life. Ultimately it is the responsibility of each human being to seek the knowledge and put it into action to live a quality of life that serves them optimally without pain, suffering, and dysfunction. Achieving this takes devotion for lifestyle changes to occur.

Lynn has co-authored and authored Yoga Cards and Instructor’s Guide Yoga for Small Spaces/Chair Yoga. These handy resources can be used by anyone, anytime and anywhere. No more excuses. She makes it accessible to everyone and teaches you how yoga is a preparation for the life to manage stress, develop balance and health.

She has written a syllabus on The Principles of Hatha Yoga for a 2 credit college course, developed a charter school program called Conscious Kids Awakening your Awareness. This training can be modified for Yoga Teacher Training. A comprehensive Practice Awareness Plan for businesses and corporations to reduce the risk of injuries and sick time on the job.


Lynn loves learning and deepening her wellspring of knowledge to share with her students. She has traveled all over the USA and India to study with some of the most valuable teachers to gain new experiences and insights. Some of her workshops include Anatomy and Alignment, Pelvic Floor and Core Restore,  Edu-KAY teaching kids yoga, and many other offerings you can find at www.yogamefit.com

She loves yoga, music, dancing, organic gardening, and having meaningful conversations about life. She is deeply dedicated to helping people increase their quality of life and to live a life of quality.


What is important to you? slight awareness of what was going on OR an acute awareness of subtle differences…