Yoga and the Eclipse

My husband and I hopped on his motorcycle to chase the eclipse in order to experience totality. We did not know if this would be possible since it was partly cloudy when we left Metter, GA.  Our destiny was to get in the path of the eclipse without going to a major city. He mapped out a little town called Swansea, SC which is below Columbia, SC. We took the back roads to avoid any traffic. As 2:00 pm was approaching we could see small groups of people gathering in church yards and on the sides of open fields with lounge chairs, blankets and their eclipse glasses. We pulled over near a church before we got to the town of Swansea to get the best view we could of the eclipse. I rolled out the blanket and we kicked back with our eclipse glasses and the sun was halfway covered. Clouds moved across the sky blurring the eclipse at times like a game of peek-a-boo.  We continued to gaze at the sky until only a sliver of the sun was left.  The clouds cleared and the blue appeared. Took the glasses off to observe my surroundings and you could see darkness more like dusk falling upon us.  Totality is revealed, then came the sparkling diamond ring followed by the annular/ring of fire. We both looked at one another and it was a moment of thrills, chills, and tears. The sun began to illuminate brighter so the glasses went back on. After passing half way through we packed up and drove away. Riding off into the eclipse felt like we were in the Twilight Zone.   Just before I got on the bike I looked down and found a piece of paper with the name Peyton. I opened the paper and there was a $5.00 bill. I looked at Jimmy and said does this mean money is going to flow into my life. We laughed. On the way back home we stopped at a place called Healing Springs.  It is a spring that you can go enjoy all the water you can drink and carry. People were filling up bottles of water. The water is wonderful.  Our ancestors the native American Indians used the healing waters for living and healing. They would put the british soldiers from the Revolutionary war  in the spring to heal their wounds or any sickness. Apparently it works after having a nice conversation with a local who gets water from the spring everyday. The land is now deeded to God. The rest of the ride home was a cleansing. We were soaking wet by the time we arrived back home. The rain finally caught up to us. We are so grateful that we had this magical experience together. Being in the moment is the practice of yoga. We are nature. We are totality whole, full and complete. We are light and luminous, the shadow and the dark. We are flawed and flawless. We are that diamond in the rough that needs polishing. During times of struggle and strife we are in the ring of fire. Yoga is a practice teaching us how to manage these cycles within ourself. Embodying the opposites provides contrast for us to find the balance and harmony within our hearts. Everyday should be an adventure because life is a journey.  



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