Yoga is a Spiritual Practice

Yoga is a spiritual practice that leads one to bring forth his or her own true potential. Many westerners have their vision of what yoga is, but the ultimate goal is spiritual enlightenment. Yoga is not just a physical practice, but it’s purpose is to integrate or unite the self with God. The yoking or uniting of the individual spirit to God. This is the eighth limb in The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. This reading is a required part of the Teacher Training Program to receive Registered Yoga Teacher accreditation. Many students may not realize this aspect of yoga unless they have gone through the training program and received the teachings. Everything depends on how the yogi approaches yoga. The six orthodox schools of Indian philosophy and the Eight Limbs of yoga offers everything you will need to develop all facets of one’s existence to reach your true potential. It is many practices that enhances willpower and discipline and both are important to achieving any goal in life. Most Westerners practice the third limb of yoga, the asanas (postures). Connecting physically is the most accessible way for most of us to begin a yoga practice. If this is the only limb one practices it becomes more of a physical fitness program. This only develops one facet of your self and it happens to be the most densest part of yourself. No pun intended but it is the easiest way to connect through the physical. The dedicated sincere seeker can discriminate between authentic teaching traditions and modern versions of how yoga is practiced. The first time I went to a yoga class I felt something deeper as if I had tapped into an abundant source. It did not feel like a physical fitness program although I did take my first yoga class in a health club facility. The more I practiced yoga and began to learn what yoga really is the more I emphasized the different stages of yoga. I felt I was cultivating a healthy mind, body, and soul. We are multi-layered and if we only train one part of ourself the others are neglected. The sense of wholeness is lost and we feel lack or a disconnect from the other parts of ourself. We try to fill that lack with addictions through the senses. In essence the journey is to conquer one’s own ignorance. This can be done by practices of work, worship, mind control, and philosophy training. Please see my previous post on Soul Progression Yoga. I am available for workshops, trainings, lectures and instructional videos. Lynn Geddes Wolling 912-308-3410



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